Party Trays

Hot trays, cold trays and canapes.

Our party trays feature the freshest produce, meats & cheeses from local vendors when possible. Perfectly designed for office parties, pool parties and house warmings these convenient platters will give you the opportunity to sample the eclectic flavors of the tropics.

*Prices are subject to 10% tax and 12% food handling costs

Selections 25 pieces 50 pieces.
Assorted canapes. 95 190
presentation of fresh vegetables, herbs, seafood and meats atop gourmet aoilis, spreads and mousses
Deviled eggs 45 85
Our signature recipe piped into fresh farm eggs dusted with paprika and topped with fresh herbs
Assorted mini sandwiches 75 125
a variety of deli meats and cheeses on rye, sourdough, whole grain and pumpernickel breads
Jamaican jerk wings 65 115
Also known as "wings of fire" authentic jamaican jerk spices are sauteed with julienne-style tri-color bell peppers
Coconut chicken 75 135
tenders of chicken in our own signature coconut batter lightly fried to a golden brown/ served with housemade honey mustard
assorted vegetable wraps 75 135
spinach, tomato and wheat wraps enclosed w/ an assortment of fresh garden vegetables
Rum glazed ribs 65 135
slow-braised ribs then baked with Chef Jarvis' own Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum barbeque sauce creation
Conch fritters 90 195
resh from the Bahamas our conch is blended with the perfect combination of herbs & spices/ served with Remoulade
Imperial crab stuffed mushrooms 90 195
button mushroom caps filled with lump jumbo crab and herbs broiled to perfection
Deli meats tray 70 130
a delicious spread of deli cuts of peppered roast beef, honey-baked ham, oven-roasted turkey and spicy salami
Teriyaki marinated beef 85 150
tender skewers of sirloin marinated in La Tropicale's signature teriyaki sauce then perfectly grilled with bell peppers
Tropical fruit tray 75 140
a true island experience of fresh cut honeydew, mango, pineapple, canteloupe, grapes, papaya and strawberries
Vegetable tray with herbal dip 75 140
an array of garden vegetables displayed gorgeously and served with Chef Jarvis' creamy herbal dip
International cheese & cracker tray 85 160
sample the flavors of Europe through Havarian, gouda, goat, swiss, cheddar and blue cheeses/ served with Bistro crackers
Antipasto tray 85 160
classically Tuscan. an authentic platter featuring Italian prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and an assortment of Mediterranean olives

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